Billing Questions

Yes! We offer a sibling, military, and teacher discount. Please email us to receive this discount.

A refund (minus a $25 processing fee) will be provided as long as cancellation is made with at least 5 business days’ notice prior to start of camp. Or we can credit your account for the full payment so that you can schedule your week for another time (provided there is room).

General Questions

Yes. Your child should bring lunch and a snack.

Campers should dress comfortably (weather appropriate). If there are any special requirements for field trips, TOM Track out will be sure to let you know at registration. Please pack a change of clothes in the event that we have a messy day!

In most cases, the answer is yes - we find that many children with ADD/ADHD in particular benefit from reinforcing the skills learned during our trackout camp. If you have particular concerns about your child's needs, we invite you to call or email us to discuss their enrollment.

Children will not be allowed to utilize any personal electronics during camp. We want your child to get the most out of their experience here and electronics tend to be too distracting. If they must bring cell phones, they will be asked to leave them in their locker until dismissal. If you want to know how your child is doing throughout the day, please download the Brightwheel app to receive photos and send messages from the TOM staff!

Program Questions

Though our cut off age is 14 for enrollment, we sometimes make exceptions for longtime members of our camp family who turn 15 during their time with us. This is based on availability, age of the rest of the group, and a number of other factors. If your student is on the cusp of aging out of the program, we invite you to contact us to discuss your individual needs before enrollment.

The term “executive function” includes a set of cognitive skills that help us plan, focus, remember details, and multitask. Many people with ADHD have difficulty with executive function skills. These difficulties often cause problems at school, work, and in social situations.

Soft skills are the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Examples of soft skills include communication, problem solving, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. These skills can be called into question during adolescence, and our camp is designed to help campers build these skills.

The weekly rate includes all activities, field trips, and materials. It does not include lunch or snacks.

We keep our numbers low in order to cultivate friendships among the campers. Therefore, our limit is 14 campers per week. Spaces are on a first come, first served basis. Once all of the spots have been filled, you will be unable to choose that week on the registration form as it will be marked FULL.

No! While we do utilize technology (such as our on-site laptops) to teach some of the concepts from our curriculum, we also strive to make learning and practicing these skills as engaging, collaborative and interactive as possible. Campers will also have multiple opportunities for indoor or outdoor recreation throughout the day.

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