Our Story

Our Story

Meet the Organized Mind

An innovative, family-operated venture led by seasoned educators, Jane and Vincent Cueto. Drawing on our substantial experience – over 25 years in the Wake County Public School system – we recognized the common difficulties students face in organization and time management.

Our pursuit of a solution started close to home, with our own child’s struggles. After extensive research, experimentation, and fine-tuning, we found a formula that worked. Seeing the transformative impact on our child, we knew we had to extend this support to other families navigating similar obstacles.

Thus, the Organized Mind Track Out Camp was established. Here, we focus on preparing students for their transition to middle and high school. But we’re not about overwhelming them with more work; we prioritize practical, effective strategies that promote smarter, not harder, work habits. We believe in fostering independence and productivity while enhancing self-confidence – all of this without sacrificing precious downtime.

Moreover, we provide an after-school enrichment program that reinforces these skills. Here, we assist with homework and projects, monitor progress, and liaise with teachers if required, ensuring a comprehensive support system for our students.

Why continue the struggle alone? The Organized Mind Track Out Program is ready to guide your children towards improved academic performance, better organization, enhanced focus, and a healthier work-life balance. Join us and experience education tailored for the modern learner.

Vincent, Jane, and their kids Natalie and Sam in Apex, NC.Our move from Miami ushered in many changes including the development of The Organized Mind, a camp for typically-developing and neurodivergent students to develop executive functioning skills.